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Herunter Scrollen

Gehrke Econ is an owner-operated group of companies. As the ideal service partner we meet small and medium-sized enterprises eye-to-eye. In addition to our primary service lines in the fields of accounting and tax returns, our staff of over 240 also takes on challenging interdisciplinary advisory projects.

Success is a question of attitude

The combination of tax advisory, auditing, legal counselling and business consulting offers our clients unique benefits. Individually tailored concepts are an expression of our holistic approach. Winsulting® – our exclusive service philosophy – results in specific action plans that you can easily implement.

On the one hand, Gehrke Econ is a young company. On the other, it brings together decades of experience. It came into being at the beginning of 2010 from the merger of the two companies, Gehrke and Econ, both of which have been in business for almost 60 years. Gehrke Econ provides the region of Greater Hanover and beyond with a high-performance firm of advisors and consultants for small and medium-sized enterprises.



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