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Made to measure Our competence in the textiles industry
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Solutions for the textiles industry are not quickly sewn together at Gehrke Econ. Our professional team supports and advises you on all the commercial aspects of your value chain. These range from finding suitable locations through to human resources, materials management, dataprocessing, logistics and marketing.

Our interdisciplinary professional teams develop individually tailored solutions for all of the challenges facing your business sector. We identify weaknesses and counter them with fitting countermeasures to streamline your operation. Hot topics such as financing, cash management, overheads, labor force, or rental agrements can be managed on a sustainable basis.

We look forward to working together! 

Made to measure ° Gehrke Econ considers all of the links in the value chain of the textile sector. We not only have an eye for delicate materials but also keep an eye on factors such as human capital, data processing, location management, logistics and marketing.
Sven Dierking,
° International business graduate ° Business consultant ° Managing Director ° Partner
  • Studies at International Business School, Lippstadt
  • Since 2000 employed at Gehrke Econ
  • Since 2013 Managing Partner
Main focus
  • Design and implementation of controlling systems, cost accounting
  • Corporate finance
  • Assisting M&A activities / advising on succession issues"

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